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hello lovely bloggerworld <3


BLOG GOSSIP is about sharing and talking about Blogs around the world equal which language is written or which sex is posting. It's for each BLOGGER FAN! You can say as well that is a little publicity for each named Blog. BUT I need you , readers, to support this whole story. Each Blog has the right for attention! Please help me to take a shine to different Blogs!


Well, I guess this all started with my love to fashion. I love reading trhough different Blogs. I like the diverse personalities and their styles - never one looked alike another.

It's not that easy to get all good Blogs. Everyone knows a specific number of fave ones - we have to share our favorites to tell others to look also at those amazing Blogs. A special Blog, like this one, is a good place to realize this "knowledge" of each reader.


Support the "Blogworld" with BLOG GOSSIP - support your own Blog! The way YOU can do this:

  • give me your advices of good Blogs for posting them right on BLOG GOSSIP via email or comments
  • post Banners ("I support BLOG GOSSIP" or "I were on BLOG GOSSIP") on your sidebars, Facebook, Myspace, ect. with its Link
  • visit the Blogs mentioned and leave some comment if you like (that's a really good backup ;-D)
  • whatever comes into your mind - have nerve to do it :-)



Coco said...

This is a FANTASTIC concept - definitely following!!

Anonymous said...

Who knows!

Cocochic said...

I love your GOSSIP BLOG and could read it whole day :)
i´ll follow it!