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Nini Nguyen is a fashion consultant for Barneys New York in Dallas (don't we all want this job ^_^). Her blog is composed of photos her boyfriend made of her. (He's really good in his job!!). Perhaps she's not a tall as an 1,80m model but I think she knows how to walk on high heels like one! Nini always wears the highest of the highest heels. Even though she's wearing hundreds of expensive cloths she never gives the impression of being cocky! On contrary she looks so lovely and nice when she smiles into the camera.
For describing Nini's style I took out a passage of her "about me" cause it's really to the piont. But in such an emotional way, every fashionlover is able to understand:
"My personal style is structured elegance with a touch of toughness. My philosophy is that anyone can look like a million without spending a million. I shop everywhere. I believe in buying less but investing in quality clothes that will last forever. Some people think that clothing is not an investment because it does not appreciate in value over time. But I believe that several beautiful, well made items can enhance a wardrobe that is not renewable from season to season: it is timeless. I love mixing high-end designer items with low-end items and vintage. In my opinion, it’s not what you wear but how you wear it! I love outrageous pieces that have an edge to them and I like to mix them with classic pieces to balance out the look."
That's Nini the girl who's always perfect with her match of clothes or photos. Thanks Loc for these ones!

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Nini's Style said...

Awww !! You're so sweet. Thank you so much.

Lilee said...

oooh love her! stylish much?