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This is Hanh - one of Blog Gossip most favored blogs ever! She's a mom of two cute girls (don't await this, don't you ;-) she also often mentioned in her blog. She's so amazing and looks so friendly!!! Hanh is always polite in her blog and talks to and with her readers. She' travelling around the world and shows her adventures in very good photos. She just wear labels but isn't suggestive of being cocky or ignorant. She's the most stylished mom ever!!! BG likes the way Hanh combines her outfits and likes her smile. YOU HAVE TO SPEND A LOOK ON HER!!!

She's simply so friendly, just read her introduction and you'll know what I mean:" Welcome to Life In Travel. My husband has opened my eyes to the world of traveling and helped me become aware of my hidden passion. Traveling is an open door to different places, people, culture, and varieties of food. The world is rainbow; it can be white or black and rich or poor. Traveling has built apprecitation, positivity, and thankfulness for what I have in life. In this blog, I would like to share with you my traveling experiences, tasting of different cuisines, and also my fashion sense. I hope you all enjoy it."


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Dirty Hair Halo said...

And, she is FIERCE!

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