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This is how fast it could be ;-) She was on Blog Gossip (right today) left a comment and well, I was very impressed of her. The most I love is her face - there's something wild and Pacahontas like in there. Like I already mentioned I just know her blog for one day rather for 1 1/2 hour but she's pretty special. Blog Gossip doesn't know much bout her but this will changed!!! 
She started writing just a couple month ago (I guess) but what you now can see is impressive enough for following her!!!




Myriam said...

this girl is really nice! you're right: she seems like pocahontas and she's got some folk accent in her style!

Dirty Hair Halo said...

Thank you so much! This is AWESOME, I've never been featured.

You just done made my day.


. said...

i was just looking at her blog. weird

Erin W. said...

Love this blogger :) Super style savvy and über creative! And P.S. I love the concept of your blog!! We all need to gossip more about other blogs!!

X to the O, Erin W.

escort torino said...

She's so cute... and fashion...